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What you’ll need:

 - At least 400g of hot water

 - 22g of ground coffee (medium-course)

 - Hot water kettle

 - Pour over dripper

 - Pour over filters

 - A scale with a timer

 - Your favorite mug or pour over server


  1. Heat the water to just below boiling point (~205° F).

  2. Put the filter into the dripper and rinse it out with about 50g of water. 

  3. Add your ground coffee to the dripper. 

  4. Start your timer and pour 50g of water over your grounds, starting in the middle and working your way to the edge in a circular motion.

  5. At 30 seconds, pour 150g grams of water over you coffee in similar circular motions.

  6. At 1 minute and 30 seconds, pour another 150g of water, this time starting from the outside to get any coffee stuck on the side of the filter back into the coffee bed.

  7. Once the water is done dripping, throw out coffee grounds, sip, and enjoy!



What you’ll need:

- 300g of hot water 
- 22g of ground coffee (medium grind)
- Hot water kettle
- Aeropress®
- Aeropress® paper filters
- Timer
- Your favorite mug, large enough to place Aeropress® on 

   top, and sturdy enough to push down on


  1. Heat the water to about 195°F.

  2. Rinse 2 filters in the cap and attach it to the base.

  3. Add your coffee into the brewing chamber.

  4. Start timer and add 120g of water, or fill it to the #3 mark if you don't have a scale. 

  5. Gently stir the water and coffee grounds and insert the plunger into the brew chamber to slow the water from dripping out.

  6. At 1:30, slowly push down until you hear a “hiss”.

  7. Remove Aeropress® and discard of your grounds.

  8. Dilute the concentrate with about 130g of hot water, or simply add to your tasting preference.

  9. Sip and enjoy!


What you’ll need:

- 500g of hot water

- 36g of ground coffee (medium-course)

- Hot water kettle

- French Press

- Two spoons

- Extra bowl or mug

- Timer

- Your favorite mug


  1. Heat the water to just below boiling point (about 200°F).

  2. Add coffee to french press.

  3. Start timer, add 500g of water to the french press, and stir grounds. Place the lid on top to keep the water hot, but do not push the plunger down yet.

  4. At 4 minutes, remove the lid, grab your spoons, and slow skim the crust of coffee grounds off the top of the water and place them in your extra bowl or mug.

  5. Place the lid back on and slowly push the plunger halfway down the french press. This will help limit the sediment in your cup.

  6. Pour into your favorite mug, sip, and enjoy! 



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