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Westfall Coffee Company was founded out of a dream and an up-and-coming community. 

Nestled in the foothills of the Allegheny Mountains, Altoona, Pennsylvania was a bygone destination of Pennsylvania Railroad passengers. While it was once a bustling hub, Altoona’s economy eventually suffered as the railroad era faded. Since that time, Altoona has undergone continuous redevelopment and benefited specifically from the renaissance of small businesses. It was during this time in 2017 that our parent company, The Clay Cup, was founded, being the first specialty coffee shop in Altoona. 

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Located in the historic Westfall building, The Clay Cup established itself in the community as a destination and community hub - a space where people felt welcome to relax, work, and meet. As the people gathering in our cafe increased, so did our desire to better serve our growing local coffee community. Out of this desire, Westfall Coffee Co. was born. With a nod to our history and a vision for our future, we began with a goal of roasting coffee that anyone could enjoy.

We're incredibly proud to live and work in Altoona, Pennsylvania!

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